Municipal Aggregation Specialists

We are the leading aggregation consulting firm in Massachusetts. Working with local and state government, we can aggregate your community and facilitate the purchase of bulk electricity at a rate lower than Basic Service rates. We have unparalleled success in working with state officials, utility executives and energy industry insiders.  Your community will benefit from our unique ability to form and maintain the aggregation, provide on-going community education and support and solicit the best electric supply bids on behalf of your community.

No Cost

CPG is able to provide its services at no cost to the community.  The cost of the program is borne by the Electricity Supplier, therefore NO use of tax dollars…absolutely NO COST to the community. 

No Risk

There are no hidden fees and no exit penalties.  Any consumer can opt-out of the program at any time. 


CPG has negotiated electricity rates as much as 10% lower than the Basic Service rates offered by Local Utilities.